IMPORTANT: Flexible cancellation conditions & other measures due to the Corona virus. More information here.
IMPORTANT: Flexible cancellation conditions & other measures due to the Corona virus. More information here.


Update current situation
Wipeout Nederland follows the guidelines of RIVM (National Institute for Health and Environment) and the central government to prevent further spreading of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  After the most recent press conference by the central government, on 21st of April this year, it became clear that:

  • Events liable to registration (permit needed) are prohibited.
  • Other restrictions - such as gatherings - have been extended until 20th of May

Since most of our events do not require a permit, this would mean, for the time being, that only the bookings until 20th of May are affected by the measures and cannot take place. 

Regarding this uncertain situation, we can understand if you wish to postpone your planned event in case you booked one for the period after the 19th of May. In that case we kindly ask you to contact us, so we can look for the most suitable solution together. Please send an email to your regular contact person, or call us at +31 344 - 745 400.

For bookings (up to and including 19th of May) which unfortunately cannot go ahead, we offer the choice to move ones event to another date/month (free of charge) or hand out a voucher worth the amount of your booking. The voucher van be used for all of our offered services, within 12 months of the original eventdate. Read the conditions here.

New requests/bookings
We understand that in this uncertain situation people might be reluctant to make reservations. However, we will promise to continue to be as flexible as possible, even if the restrictive measures are extended. In case an event cannot take place because of the virus or measures taken against it, there is always the option to move the event to a later date or receive the voucher mentioned above. Please contact us if you have any questions about this and/or would like to receive a customized proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the postponement of events, we expect more pressure than normal on our capacity later this year. AS a result, our spots might be fuller sooner and quicker. To avoid disappointment, please don't wait too long to make a request. As indicated above, you will not run any risk if restrictive measures occur for a longer period of time.

Our (extra) guidelines during events:

To prevent further spreading of the virus, we are following the guidelines of the Dutch authorities. The most important measures you can take to prevent spreading of the Corona virus are as follows:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow
  • Use of paper handkerchiefs
  • Try to prevent shaking hands
  • When showing symptoms of the virus stay at home

We will notify all our guest on the measures above. On top of that we will make sure our location is extra clean during the events. We will also keep groups separated whenever we can. This is possible due to our large terrain and multiple different dining facilities. 


Helaas is er op dit moment geen medewerker beschikbaar. Laat je vraag achter en wij nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.