Information Covid-19

We will start with Wipeout from MARCH 2022!

If you have any questions about our measures or would you like to plan something but you are not sure what is possible? Contact us to see what is possible (safely) on 0344 - 745 405.

During this unforeseen and unstable situation we adjusted our 'general terms and conditions' to be as flexible as possible in case of a sudden closing of our location. More information on this can be found in the section below.


1. Change the date of the event free of charge 
If your event cannot take place, due to governmental measures concerning Covid-19 (Wipeout will be closed due to these measures), it can be moved to another date for free (the exact new date might be discussed later). In case of other reasons/causes for rescheduling, our regular terms of conditions apply.

2. Right to full refund
If your Wipeout program cannot take place, you have to right to refung. 


  • The event is booked after 7 February 2022 (date of the booking) and takes place after February 2022.
  • Refund is only possible when the whole event cannot take place, due to government measures concerning Covid-19. In this case, Wipeout would be closed as well. Refunds are not possible if the reason for cancellation is any other, for example someone in your group is sick, there is a quarantine obligation because you come from a certain area, etc.
  • Entitlement to a full refund does not apply to arrangements made earlier (before 7 January 2022).

Please contact us so that we can work together to find the most suitable solution. 

We have, of course, taken our measures for when we open up. Wipeout Netherlands follows the guidelines of the RIVM and central government to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). See here the explanation of the central government.

Reservations must be made in advance. 

✓ Coronaproof activities ✓ Large grounds or from home ✓ Extra hygiene measures.