Wipeout goes famous! You can't ignore it, Wipeout appears everywhere in the media.
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She took turns defying the obstacles. Wondering how the men did it? Watch the video on the right!


The boys against the girls. Who defy the obstacles like real heroes? See it in the video from FunX!


All the way from Italy the ELITES are here! Every episode they have a new challenge in a different country. This time at the one and only Wipeout Netherlands!

Jesse Heffels

As a birthday present Jesse Heffels accepted the Wipeout challenge! Especially the blob launch he found hilarious!

Would you like to give this to someone as a present? That's possible!


Stuk TV

The guests of Stuk TV underwent the Wipeout course like real waiters! Who is the best waiter of the restaurant? Check it out!

Boeiend - Concentrate Bold

Rich surprises Yuki with a surprise: Wipeout! If you think Yuki isn't ready for this, then you've been cheated! He's making mincemeat from Rich.

First Special

In this FIRST SPECIAL Jacin Trill and Leafs compete against each other on the WIPEOUT track.

The last couple of weeks they challenged each other via social media. It's time to fight once and for all who's better, will it be Leafs or Jacin?

CokeTV Nederland

Merel has hired soccer star Rocky and together they will surprise a complete soccer team that will play in the premier league next season! The whole day is all about teambuilding, and how can that be better than an afternoon of WIPEOUT!

De Randstad Hijack

Dave is a steward at the Johan Cruijf Arena. He is always alert and has a lot of human knowledge. Today he discovers what more he can do with his skills. Lonneke will take him in the Randstad helicopter after which he will start working as head conductor at the NS and as instructor at the one and only Wipeout course in the Netherlands.

Edivisie on vacation

The new eSporter of FC Emmen Luuk Jans gets the chance to tackle Bryan Hessing! Bryan has arranged something very special for his last holiday! In 'eDivision on holiday' you can see FIFA, challenges and much more.

Hanwe survives Wipeout

The Dutch Youtuber Hanwe will take on the Wipeout Challenge with his little brother and Youtuber Gio. Curious who can resist the Wipeout the best?

Dear Good Morning goes Wipeout!

Lienke de Jong: Reached with her own platform Dear Good Morning daily +100.000 people. Her goal? To make people realize how important an energetic morning is.

After months of preparation, consultation, promotion and stress, it was finally 27 May 2018 for Lienke. Dear Good Morning goes Wipeout. Her own Wipeout event. Something she wanted to organize for years.

Recap: 27 mei 2018

BOEIEND - Vinchenzo

This time Vinchenzo (known from The Voice of Holland) was handcuffed and challenged to defy the course! Curious how this went? Check out the video!


Wroetoshaw takes on the challenge against his sister, brother and father and mother! Do you dare?

Eva Koreman - Afraid of nothing

As a radio DJ she has already earned her spurs, as a TV-maker Eva Koreman has only just started. Since the age of 14, she has been living according to one of the Dalai Lama's teachings: do something scary every day. By Haro Kraak Photo Valentina Vos -VOLKSKRANT
And so Eva defied our Wipeout Trail!

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-21 om 17.35.24

Viral at RTL Late Night

Often hilarious movies are made by our Wipeout guests, but this movie went all over the world. And to top it all off, it was also discussed in the show of RTL Late Night! Haven't seen this movie yet? Check the video on the right.

Roy Donders rocks Wipeout

Or naja ... he tries it anyway! His friend Johan's bachelor party was celebrated with us. But how's Roy doing? Check out the episode of RTL 4 featuring this stylist from the South!

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Ferzuz: The Wipeout challenge

The YouTube heroes of FERZUZ will attack each other on our Wipeout track! They fight with and against Armoowasright, Snapking and Kwaaivines... As long as it goes well!


The Cinemates: Blob lancering!

The cinemates, 2 young guys who conquer the Netherlands with their funny and impressive vlogs with extreme special effects! Together with the most successful YouTube jugs of NL they take on the challenge of Wipeout in the 'Summer Games'. Check out the first episode here!

Stuk TV

The guests of Stuk TV underwent the Wipeout course! Did they do well? Well... you'd better check that yourself!