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We'll be glad to answer all of your questions, but please check our FAQ first.

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Prior to event

We are ready for your event 365 days a year and 24 hours per day. Our office staff is available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM till 5:30 PM.

No, prices are calculated per person.

All of our courses contain obstacles which are placed on the water and on land. ALl of our parcours are amazing, so we can't decide! 

Yes, you can rent it for €7,50 euro. However, we do have a limited amount of wetsuits so it would be adviseable to rent them beforehands. 

Our Wipeout courses require a mimimum age of 12 years. Daredevils under 12 are welcome to enjoy our Wipeout Kids beach. Check our website here! 


As soon as you have requested an online booking or quote, an account is automatically created on My Account! Here you can always log in to convert the quotation into bookings, change your quotation or booking or add to it! Very handy!

Have you booked now and are there any unexpected participants who can not join in one way or another? You have the possibility to put tickets "on hold" via MyAccount until one day after your activity. After you have entered the card numbers, we will put your tickets on unused. You can save them yourself or forward them to someone else ... for example as a gift!

The value of the tickets can be used up to 2 years after the date of a new booking with one of our labels:

Keep in mind the following rules, otherwise the request will not be approved:

A maximum of 20% of the number of tickets can be converted. This is possible up to a maximum of 20 tickets. Eventually 10 participants remain. This can be done up to one day after the event

The tournament takes place on every Saturday afternoon during Summer. Are you choosing a time outside of Prime Time? Then you got the possibility to select our tournament upgrade of €10,-! This way you have a chance of winning €1000,-!  It's extra fun to book Wipeout and after that The Party. You'll get the tournament for free!

Yes, if you inform us beforehand we'll gladly adapt to any dietary wishes. 


Yes, this is possible in nearby Van der Valk Hotel Tiel. We offer you the ease of 1 point of contact plus a beneficial all-inn price, including breakfast, reservation costs and a free upgrade to more luxurious rooms if available. If your searching for something less luxurious, there are plenty of campings in our vicinity (Zoelen).

We advise against participating when pregnant. Physically handicapped people should make their own estimation whether or not the activities are suitable for them. Please notice that our obstacles are tough. Are you suffering extreme back pains? Please don't participate. In cases like this we would like to advise you to book a spectators ticket. This way you can enter our WipeOut zone and enjoy the spectacle! Not sure if you're able to participate? Please contact us, so we can give you advice.

You can cancel tickets through MyAccount, even up to a day after the event. After you have submitted the card numbers, we will review and conform the value. You can save the value, or send it to someone as a gift! 

The value of the tickets can be used up to 2 years after the date of for a new booking at one of our labels:

  • Up to 20% of the number of tickets can be converted
  • There is a maximum of 10 tickets
  • You can put the tickets on hold one day after your event

Your tickets can be payed online or via transfer. Using transfer an administrative fee of €35,- will be charged. It's not possible to pay for tickets on location.

During the event

You and your group can walk up to our YOLO-tower (tall grey tower with yellow accents next to our blue Wipeout letters) situated on our beach. To have free access to the beach you will need your cards. Please make sure everyone of your team is present before entering the beach.

We reccomend to top up your card online, before your arrival. It's also possible to do this in our lobby or at Beldert Beach ticket booth. 

It's very important to bring your card, because this is your entry ticket as well as a payment card. If you forgot to bring your card it's possible to receive a new one at the cost of €7,50 at our reception desk. 

You have the possibility to enjoy food and drinks before and after your Wipeout course. During your time on our Wipeout Zone it might be rather difficult to have a decent break. But there's an option to ask for a FREE picnic cooler to bring your food and drinks on to our Wipeout Zone. Check under 'tickets' delicious food and drinks packages, like a coronabucket, a lunch or BBQ which you can add to your choice. Bringing your own consumptions is not allowed.

We'll just continue! You'll be muddy and drenched anyway so... no whining... let's roll through the mud! If the weahter gets too crazy, there's always a possibility to hide inside.

Yes, they are for rent at the cost of €2,-. We advise you to share one locker with your whole team.

Yes, there is. 

Yes, there are dressing rooms and showers available. Please bring your own towel. Notice: these are emergency showers. On our beach there are open-air showers that are always available.

We recommend you to wear sports/casual clothing, and to bring swimwear plus an extra set of dry clothing. Everything worn on our WipeOut Zone will be drenched and muddy! There are dressing rooms and emergency showers available. Please bring your own towels and soap. We also have a dress up competition. The person wearing the most outragious and hilarious outfit will win a prize!

After the event

For more details, please register on our webseite under the following link and wait for further instructions. 

Finished your Wipeout course? Stay to enjoy a BBQ (+€25,00) and check if there are tickets left to The Party All-in!  Check availability at 'Tickets' and add your choice to your booking!

Rather decide last-minute? Ask our staff for more info on the day of your event. Make sure you check the YOLO-tower to see if there's more time available on our Wipeout zone. You can claim this time period for €25,00. Of course you're also welcome to relax on our beach, openend till 7:00 PM (extended opening hours in case of good weather).

Check this page! It'll be updated every day.

You can write a review on Tripadvisor, using this link.

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