Let the fun begin

The epic obstacles are spread over 2 courses: Blue & Yellow
Each course is equally challenging, takes two hours and consists of 6 obstacles!

Choose your course below and order your tickets.
Only possible on reservation with time slot. (From 16 years.)

course red
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  • Wo Hoop Run Cubanita 1
    Hoop Run

    Go through all the hoops and overtake the other side. Otherwise... The hoops will swing you out of the way!

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  • Wipeout_0006_HEG04448
    Wipeout Hill

    Let us know and hear that you're there: create your own yell and slide down our Wipeout Hill! Let the fun begin! 

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  • Smack Wall 1
    Slinger Sweeper

    Trouble! The Sweepers will sweep you off your feet!

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  • IMG_0345
    Mega Sweeper

    Who'll stay on the longest en won't be swept into the water by the mega sweepers? Who is most agile and will be king or queen of the Mega Sweeper?

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  • dizzy4
    Dizzy Dummy

    Take your place on the spinning plateau. As soon as the Dizzy starts turning your challenge begins. Each second will make you dizzier and dizzier and ... don't hesitate, RUN!

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  • Wrecking balls-1_0000_2022-07-14 De Makkers (Kaap Filter)-24
    Wrecking Balls

    You think you will be able to reach the other site dry? We have four big balls that think otherwise! Succes and big balls!

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course blue
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  • blob5
    Big Red Balls

    The Bigger the Balls the harder the Falls: try to get to the other site! One goal, four balls... Good Luck!

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  • Wipeout_0008_Helderheid_contrast-1
    Waterly Hoop Run

    Go through all the hoops and overtake the other side. Otherwise... The hoops will swing you out of the way!

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  • OG4
    Organ Grinder

    A good estimation power? Jump through the hoop at the right moment before it shoots up or down!

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  • Wipeout_0026_Helderheid_contrast 1
    Sucker Punch

    The most famous wall of the Wipeout tv show! The Sucker Punch wall! You don't know when it's coming, but you do know it will be coming. Don't let the wall punch you down. Under supervision: ask your instructor.

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  • TT.jpg
    Tumbling Tables

    Beat the Tumbling Tables and reach the other site. Once you're on the first table, there is no going back!

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  • Wipeout_0008_Helderheid_contrast 1
    Pitch Fork

    Through the water, up the stairs .... and run across the unstable mat to the other side while the forks will sweep you away!

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These extras are at your disposal throughout the entire day!

  • Overzicht WipeOut letters1
    Wipeout Letters

    Fun to do after a Wipeout course. Take a cool selfie with our Wipeout letters, made by the designers of I AMsterdam! Cool right?!

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  • profie4
    Killer Surf

    22,8m high, 85,4m long, 60 km per hour: get ready for the Killer Surf!
    ATTENTION: Slide only available if the beach is open. Possible closure if the waterlevels are too low. 

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  • extrabb.jpg
    Beldert Beach

    Entry to our Beldert Beach for a whole day!

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