Hello and welcome to Wipeout!

This is your chance to become a Wipeout hero! The obstacles are ready for you! You can choose betewen our different courses: blue and red! Each course had land as well as water obstacles and each course takes two hours...let the fun begin! 

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Tickets available from €59,50! Click on 'prices' in the main menu, enter your preferred date and see what packages are available.  

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Wipeout is a challenging activitiy and is not suited for people who:
• Are pregant.
• Have heart problems or wear a pacemaker.
• Have a physical ability or wear a prothesis.
• Have a medical condition that can logically be expected to be aggravated by participation in the activity. If in doubt, consult a doctor or general practitioner first. 
• Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In addition, the following requirements apply for each participant:
• Minimum age: 16 yeras (minors always need to be accompanied by an adult)
• Minimal length: 140 cm  
• Every participant needs to be able to swim
• Every participant needs to be in general good health.

Do you have any questions about this? Please contact us before booking under info@wipeout.nl


Company outing?

Would you like to organise an original company trip/outing? 
Wipeout is one of the funniest programms and will definitely be remembered... but there are many other programms for a company outing! 

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In the media

Wipeout goes famous! You can't ignore it, Wipeout appears everywhere in the media. Last summer the guests of StukTV underwent the course like real waiters. Who was the best waiter? Check it out!
Often enough we also come across hilarious pictures. Check them out here!
Check out the most recent images of famous YouTubers, vloggers, influencers...

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Endemol License-holder

De Kaap is selected by Endemol Productions as the exclusive license-holder of Wipeout Netherlands! This means the one and only Wipeout is offered by us! Don't be mislead. The format, the Obstacles, the experience...everything is original and how it's supposed to be! That will leave a mark!