food & drinks

Do you want to supplement the program in an culinary way? A lunch, a get together or dinner: we will prepare it for you with much love!

Are you with a larger group and looking for THE complete package/customization?
Mail: sales@hollandeg.nl of call: 0344 - 745 400.


From 17:00 - 22;00 unlimited enjoyment of delicious food& drinks(beer, wine &soda) and dancing to the beats of the DJ for only €44,50! The different dishes are made and distributed on request at different spots in/around the restaurant. Choose from delicious pizzas, tender chicken saté, juicy burgers, carpaccio, poke bowl and delicious desserts! The All-in Food Festival often (so not always!) takes place on Fridays and Saturdays from May till September.

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With a long day ahead, you can use a good lunch!
at the lunch buffet you can choose from different types of sandwiches, toppings, extras and several drinks

Sandwiches: soft bread, baked breadrolls(brown/white) and croissaints.
Toppings: smoked salmon, brie, cheese, chickenbreast slices, ham, avocado, hummus, nutella, jam or (chocolate) sprinkles.
Extra: (beef)croquette/cheese snack, yoghurt with muesli, tomato, arugula, cucumber egg & apple.
Drinks: water, milk, orange juice and coffe/tea 

Wipeout + lunch can be chosen as a standart package to book



2.5 hours (starting at17:00) enjoying unlimited food & drinks (beer, wine and soda) for only €39.50! It's a fixed but varied menu: from beef carpaccio to crushi and poke bowls,
to juicy burgers, chicken sa.té, fries and salad. On top of that there will be several delicious desserts. The setting depends on the fuss: when it's calm, we'll serve all dishes at the table in several rounds.
If it's busier we'll use a buffet and it becomes a kind of Foodfestival, where the different dishes are made and served at different spots in/around the restaurant.

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Beach Club

Do you feel like you need a little break after your course? Go to the BeachClub on our beach. Here you can enjoy the afterglow of your day!

Lay down on one of our lounge sofas, while enjoying a delicious and refreshing drink and some tasty snacks! It will be guaranteed joy in the sun! 

beachclub overzicht nieuw


Do you fancy a snack, a quick bite or just a drink? We ave a suggestion! The snackbar offers delicious snacks, fries and ice creams. This is the right spot! While enyoing your food, take place on our beachand let the sun shine!